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I think the 1000 Journals is a great idea.  The fact that anyone can put anything they want inside is quite interesting.  I wonder how many pages of the journals are actually read by the creator.  In the documentary it seemed like he just skimmed them quickly and was more interested in the journal as a whole entity.  It was interesting that out of 1000 there was only 20 accounted for.  It seems a small number but I suppose when the journals are spread over the entire world, most of them will never be seen again.  Many of them will probably be lost or thrown away or even kept as a souvenir.  I found the part of the documentary interesting when the publishing company is talking about how to market the artwork.  They say the cover has to be eye catching and not too artsy or else it won’t sell.  It’s ironic that you have to package something so personal with that in mind.  The contents are the thoughts and ideas of regular people and many times the entries are not totally pleasing to the eye.  These are not professional artists who contribute to the journals. I’m surprised that 1000 Journals has been in effect since 2000.  12 years have passed and they are still being passed around.  The passing will probably continue well into the future.


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