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Josh Agle, better known as Shag (a contraction between the last two letters of his first name and first two letters of his last name) is an artist living in Los Angeles, CA.  He is an illustrator, designer, and painter.  Initially he wanted to be an illustrator-for-hire, but eventually started creating original paintings after they gained notoriety among collectors and museums.  His paintings are in the graphic or illustrative style with very smooth sharp lines and bright colors.  The works mostly consist of narratives, with each character in the painting reacting to something else whether it be another person or outside event.  This makes for a very interesting story that each painting conveys which the viewer has to figure out for himself.  His paintings are very fun to look at.  Since his first solo show in 1997 he has had many more successful shows in Europe, Japan, and Australia.  I like Shag’s work because of the clean cut graphic style he gets from a liquid medium.  He uses acrylic and I like acrylic.  His methods involve a lot of taping off areas to get a clean line.  I like the way he doesn’t use a lot of black outlines, but instead just solid color meeting at the edges.  It creates a neat effect.  I like how his pieces are painted in all hot colors or all cold colors.  Most of all I like his subject matter.  It’s light and fun usually depicting people having a good time drinking and dancing.  He also has pieces that convey a sense of happy adventure.



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