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The first thing I noticed when watching the video about Swoon was that she used the word “like” a lot when answering questions.  To me this is a sign of a true artist.  Someone who cannot speak well in interviews is usually someone who devotes all their time to their work and speaks through their work.  She started painting when she was 10 years old in Florida then moved to New York city when she was 19 because it was the “biggest, loudest, most intense city there is.”  Once there she started doing street paste up art all around the city.  This is nothing new, but many artists that have started this way are now quite famous and sought after.  New York is one of the few places where paste up art is easy to do and get away with.  She started a collective with other artists and musicians and they had the idea of making rafts out of scavenged materials which they rode down the Mississippi river, stopping along the way and doing performances on shore.  I’ve never heard of that before and found it interesting.  The collective did many more of these river raft shows thereafter.  I like Swoon’s work and am glad she finally gained notoriety.  MOMA bought some of her prints which she was “totally stoked” on.  She says that it’s an “odd paradox when artists become public.”  I agree, but you have share your art with the world some other way than just pasting it on buildings.



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