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Winston Smith was born in Oklahoma. He attended some college in the state but then moved to Florence, Italy in 1969 to study art. He was there for seven years and when he returned home in 1976 he was amazed at the changes that had taken place in his absence. He changed his name (originally James Patrick Shannon Morey) to match that of the lead character in George Orwell’s novel 1984. Smith became known as a collage artist. He has done numerous works for the punk rock band Dead Kennedys (including their logo), which have made him a well known figure in the San Francisco art scene. He also did the cover for Green Day’s Insomniac album. His work has appeared in numerous magazines from the New Yorker to Playboy. His work has a political and social message usually criticizing war, upper class, religion, etc. A lot of his collage materials come from old vintage magazines from the 50s. I am drawn to his work because of his critique of the social issues he addresses. His juxtaposition of his images creates a piece that makes you think about the society we all live in. I am also drawn to his work because it is sometimes very controversial.



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