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Jermaine Rogers is widely known as a rock poster artist who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Bands of all kinds that are touring seek him out specifically to design their tour posters because of his reputation and skill level. Jermaine is so sought after that he sometimes turns down bands’ requests if he doesn’t believe in the music they’re making. This gives his work a higher quality because he is actually emotionally attached to what he’s working on and to the final piece. After the shows are over, these posters become collectors items. You can find much of his work being sold on Ebay and sometimes his work goes for well over a hundred dollars per piece. The posters are silk-screened. Each set of show posters is signed and numbered and the runs are short so there is a limited supply available to the general public. This makes the posters even more sought after. Jermaine is a self taught artist lending his inspiration to early comic book artists. One artist that he especially refers to is Graham Ingels. Ingels worked on the 1950’s Tales From the Crypt comics and Jermaine developed his technique of heavy shadows and clean lines from him. Sometimes the figures in Jermaine’s work are done almost entirely in shadows giving it a dark scary feel, but his use of bright color balances out his pieces. This use of dark shadow, clean line and bright color is what makes me like Jermaine so much, plus the fact that I am a big music fan and can relate to his artwork. I use to create posters for my own band in the past and this is where his style has inspired me.



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